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LONGOSPHERE GLAMPING you; It invites you on a journey full of adventure towards the natural beauties that Longoz hides behind the green curtain of the forests.
At the end of this journey we will make with our off-road equipped vehicles that can travel in difficult terrain conditions; By crossing the marsh forests in three regions of the earth, we will reach the endless beaches where fresh water, wildlife and forests meet the sea.
Fascinating lakes, swamp forests and aquatic life formed by fresh water squeezing between the beach and the forest are among the surprises that await you in this journey.
On the roads we set out to reach these extraordinary beauties, we will go through the challenging obstacles of the marshy forests, the channels opened by the flood waters, the passages destroyed by Istırca rivers.


(Subasar Forests, Igneada Lakes, Wetlands, Dunes)
After meeting with our participants at our starting point in İğne Island, our off-road experienced guides will give you a brief training with the necessary technical information. After our short chat about the tour route and the region and our coffee break, we get on our vehicles and start our adventurous journey. We begin our journey, which includes swamp forests, Istiranca streams, Igneada lakes, swans and aquatic life, sand dunes and watersheds.


(Rezova Valley, Dungeon Waterfall, Border Forests)
On this journey to the Rezova valley along the Bulgarian border, we await the imposing, rocky, breathtaking waterfall, enchanting forests and fabulous Istiranca streams. In the summer, the valley, where it resembles an aquarium to swim, is reached by struggling with difficult terrain conditions. Due to the fact that the valley is on the borderline and it is a place that can be visited by people, the Zindan waterfall, which has become the fortress of wildlife, is formed by the joining of the springs where the gazelles in the region are flooded. Adventurous moments await our participants on the forest road descending to the waterfall.