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Longosphere Glamping

as well as the many possibilities this splendid accommodation in this area of ​​Turkey’s most comprehensive facility as Glamping Longosphere aiming to be in the nature we offer our guests staying with him. Our Food & Wood Restaurant with its tastes from world cuisine and its magnificent presentation, our Yinyang bar with cocktails and beverages that you can not throw out from your palate, our Coffeep Cafe with varieties from world coffees, our Master Butcher compiled from Thracian meats, our Bakery, which serves fresh bread, from local products to souvenirs, from its hairdresser to the care center. Our Town Street, where there are many shops up to art workshops, our outdoor swimming pool in an atmosphere where you can cool off in nature, our pool bar where you can rest while sunbathing on pear chairs and sunbathing on our deck chairs, our Happy Sapiens Adventure Park, which consists of different difficulties and tracks, sports and yoga where you can relax and stress yourself. We are getting ready to be the first as a tourism complex with our space, various activities for children and other outdoor activities.