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Where Is Longosphere Glamping, How To Get There?
Longosphere Glamping Iğneada is located on the northwestern coast of our country, close to our border with Bulgaria. (No border crossing) about 240 km from Istanbul to Iğneada. at a distance, but the road is so beautiful and alternative that you can go on a trip if you have time. Many routes such as kiyiköy, Vize, Demirköy are on the road.

Istanbul to Iğneada transportation: the easiest way from Istanbul to Iğneada is to follow the E80 highway from Mahmutbey tolls to Lüleburgaz and follow the Pınarhisar – Demirköy route, after leaving Çerkezköy, Saray – Vize – Poyralı – Demirköy road can also be used as an alternative. This, in turn, takes a route of 210 km, but takes longer than the other due to road conditions.


Transportation from KIYIKÖY to Iğneada: you can come from Kiyiköy to Iğneada by traveling a distance of 85 km via Sivriler – Demirköy.

Transportation from Lüleburgaz to Iğneada: from Lüleburgaz to Iğneada Pınarhisar, Poyralı to Demirköy direction Demirköy, iğneada 100 km

Transportation from Kırklareli to Iğneada: Kırklareli to iğneadaya Pınarhisar , Poyralı to Demirköy direction Demirköy, iğneada 100 km

Transportation from Edirne to Iğneada: E80 highway from Lüleburgaz to Lüleburgaz tolls to come out of Pınarhisar , Poyralı from Demirköy direction Demirköy, iğneada 160 km

The distance between Tekirdag and Iğneada is 140 km, and between Edirne and Iğneada is 160 km.

If you want to go to Iğneada by bus, there are direct daily bus services from ISTANBUL Esenler Bus Station. In addition, there are regular flights from Kırklareli and Lüleburgaz bus stations.


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