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Hiking Mountain and Forest Tours

We offer you the opportunity to stay alone with nature, with the mountaineer team leaders, you will be enchanted by your beauties for your nature, touch and feel the longos, purify from the noise and stress of the city and rediscover yourself.

Our route brings together the canyons hidden in a valley covered with majestic forests. Our canyon, which is very impressive to its visitors, consists of waterfalls of various sizes, natural pools, and imposing rock blocks. This natural wonder canyon, which is described as the Hidden City of the Marmara Region, can also be reached through hidden passages with large waterfalls. The canyon, which has a vegetation that can be found in geographies living in tropical climates, also has a castle built by a king to hide his daughter from his enemies. The imposing rock walls, which are abstracted from the outside world, reach a height where we cannot see the sky in places. The waters of the creek, wandering around the valley like a transparent snake, are all clean and drink and live mountain fish. This tour, which is difficult for our friends who have experience from our nature tours, can join us, and large and small waterfalls, interesting rock formations, natural pools resembling an aquarium and a tropical vegetation will be waiting for us. Our walking route, which contains small obstacles that we will pass through the water in places, is full of fun and excitement as well as fun like aqua parks.