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ATV Safari

You don’t need to know how to drive a car or motorcycle. Anyone over the age of 16 can use ATV after a very short training. Our team with special certificates and trainers will give you training and information on how to use ATV before the tour and what should be considered. Our ATV tours, which take place in areas closed to traffic in nature, consist of tracks that will make you wet from time to time and even you will have to go through muds.

If you wish, you can join the ATV tour, which is a tour that you will enjoy and have fun with, with a friend behind you. Please note that your guide has the right to change the course and time due to weather conditions, road conditions, technical conditions or natural reasons.

The ATV tour, which is a very burning tour, which makes everyone very entertained and happy so far, and who forgets to use sunscreen, is quite an action activity.