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Longoz (Flooded) Forests; In the spring and winter seasons, the forest area is covered with water due to the high amount of precipitation. When their drifting dune forms a embankment in time, the water disconnected from the sea accumulates and causes floods in the forest. The plant species recorded in the Longoz Forests, which includes many ecosystems such as Lake and Lagoon systems, Sand Dune systems, is 472.

454 species of birds found in Turkey can be seen throughout the year İğneada’da half.

Special plant species such as sand pearl, Cornflower and Sand Lily, animal species such as Green Woodpecker, Dwarf Cormorant, Akkuyruk eagle and Lesser Kestrel are protected under the Bern Convention signed in 1984.

Longoz Ormanları Milli Parkı was taken under protection as the 39th National Park with the decision of the Council of Ministers in 2007. The main reason for being taken under protection is the fact that Longoz Forests are disappearing all over the world. İğneada Longoz forests in our country are the largest in Europe and the most diverse of living creatures. And of course the richest in terms of activities to be done.

There are 5 lakes including Mert Lake, Saka Lake, Hamam Lake, Pedina Lake and Erikli Lake. It is possible to do a canoe tour in Mert Lake, which has a coast to the center of Ignea.

You can also do activities such as trekking, cycling tour, orienteering, nature watching, wildlife watching, bird watching and photography, ATV safari in the Longoz Forests.

The minimum number of participants of our tours is 10 people. Since land and village roads are used in nature tours, vehicles that can move more rapidly are preferred. The vehicles we use are 16-person Ford Transit Minibus or 11-person Land Rover safari vehicles used in tourism and specially designed by LONGOSPHERE GLAMPING.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: To our tours; Nature lovers from any age group who do not have any disruption to walking and movement can participate. Those who do not hinder walking but have a health problem should consider the negativities that may arise during the tour and provide the necessary information at the time of booking. LONGOSPHERE GLAMPING is not responsible for any negative situation experienced within the scope of incomplete information. Participants should take medicines, etc. they should not forget the materials.

PARTICIPATION IN GROUP STATE: When booking on behalf of a group, participants must be fully informed by the person who made the reservation or participants must be provided with information from LONGOSPHERE GLAMPING. Otherwise, the participant himself is responsible for any negativity that may arise without incomplete information about the tour.

RIGHT TO CHANGE THE TOUR PROGRAM: LONGOSPHERE GLAMPING can make changes to the tour program in adverse situations arising from natural, social and road conditions.

RESERVATION: To attend the tour, make a reservation at least 2 days a week and at least 3 days a weekend.